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Welcome to Rochester Movie Makers (RMM). Register for our newsletter to get the latest news and network with other filmmakers in the Rochester area. Rochester Movie Makers general meetings, Executive Committee, Writers Group and Producer meetings are open to the general public and you are welcome to attend.

Rochester Movie Makers general meetings

We meet on the LAST THURSDAY of each month at RCTV, 21 Gorham Street, Rochester, NY 14605. Meetings begin at 6:30 pm.  Please arrive promptly, as our front desk person is only on duty till 7pm.

Click here for map and photos (PDF).

RMM Executive Committee meetings
Second Thursday of each month, 6pm at the Little Theater Cafe, 240 East Avenue.

RMM Producer meetings
RMM Producer Meetings are now by appointment.  If you want to talk about a project you need help with or to become involved in a project between member meetings, email Stan AT RochesterMovieMakers DOT org and we will arrange a meeting or chat by phone on how Rochester Movie Makers can help you.

RMM Writers Workshop
We hold writers meetings alternate Wednesdays at Carlson Cowork, 60 Carlson Road, 14610. Visit our Facebook group for the latest info.

Upcoming Writers Workshop Dates:

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About Rochester Movie Makers

RMM Mission Statement- to create, develop and promote filmmaking and filmmakers in Rochester, NY.

RMM is a NY State Educational Cooperative 501(c)(3) designed to help connect local film makers and persons interested in learning more about filmmaking. Attend meetings regularly to be exposed to other people in the Rochester area that want to help and be helped executing the sometimes complicated, time consuming but usually very fun and rewarding process called filmmaking. Learn by doing at RMM.

RMM collects annual dues for “Voting Members” of $25.00 ($10.00 for students). You DO NOT have to pay dues to attend RMM meetings. Dues and donations are used to fund and grow the organization and are tax deductible.

For more information, write to