RMM General Meeting Notes – September 27, 2012

Start Time: 6:33pm
Location: RCTV

*Stan welcomed everyone to the meeting and we went into Intros. There were several new faces at the meeting this week.

*New Business-
-The RCTV membership is $60/year and the RMM membership is $25/year, but now it’s $65/year for both!! And new classes are enrolling now.
-The Directors forum is now online at www.speedhumppictures.com
-The next writers group meeting is weds. 10/3 at the pita pit at 6pm
-M2M is registering teams online at the RMM website. The early registration fee is $25/the regular deadline is $45.

-Mary Wilkens discussed the Rockport, Maine Media Workshop. She said they have production design classes as well as other film related workshops. It’s pricey but well worth it because of the professionals that teach the classes.

-Curt is looking for anyone who can help find people with promoting his film “Saberfrog” in the cities/locations he shot the film (Hartford, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Buffalo.)

-New member Alisha Bell is looking to shoot a teaser trailer for a feature film called
“For You, Anything.” She is looking for a cameraman, DP, looking to cast, and a promotional photog. Her website is www.abh4uproductions.wix.com/abh4u

-New member Jose Casada is looking to shoot a PSA style 2 min short. There is little dialogue and strong visuals with good sound design. He is looking for a crew for a 1 day shoot. Location is at a old school boxing gym with character.

*We broke for networking.

*The second part of the meeting was the conclusion of this year’s “Shmoovies.”

End Meeting