RMM General Meeting Notes – November 29, 2012

Start Time: 6:32PM
Total in Attendance: 40
Location: RCTV


Individual around the room (many new members this month – very encouraging)

Reminder about membership
$25 a year, free events or reduced price on fees
Qualify for reduced rate on RCTV membership ($60 for both)

Ric gave update on new database software for tracking membership

Upcoming Events:

RMM White Elephant Christmas party (December General Meeting)
Moved to January 3, 2013 (from December 27, 2012)

Mind2Movie 2013 – 72 Hour Film Competition
Thursday, January 17 – Sunday, January 20
www.rochestermoviemakers.org has last year’s films for viewing
Flyers were made available for people to grab and post around town

RMM Executive Board Meetings
Next meeting is December 13, 2012 at 6:00pm at Little Theater Cafe

RMM Writers Workshop
Next meeting is Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 6:00pm at Pita Pit on Alexander

Rochester Film Lab
Next meeting is Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 7:00pm at Animatus Studios
Contact Mike Boas ( mike AT rochestermoviemakers DOT com ) or visit www.rochesterfilmlab.org for more information or to be added to mailing list

RMM Summer Shorts
March 2013 General Meeting is Script-A-Palooza

Upcoming Projects:

Zachary Welch – Pilot for Cooking Show (paid)
Current in development
Need crew (may be paid positions)
Contact zacharyjwelch AT gmail DOT com for more information

Jay Kaliyamurthy – Return
Short film, already shot
Look for editor, dubbing studio/professional, and female lead actress (20-25)
Contact jayamurugan AT yahoo DOT com or call (585) 733-6364 for more information

Karl Obine – three (very) short comedies (untitled)
Currently in development
Needs actors (not a lot of time commitment needed)
Contact karlobine AT yahoo DOT com for more information

Eric Maira (Werewolf House) – The Dead Deads
Horror film, currently in development, shooting in January
Need gaffers/lighting help

Pasquale (Lou) Carrozziere and Laurence Genovese (Genozziere Productions) – Dead Red
Feature horror film, need people to help out with production


Pasquale (Lou) Carrozziere and Laurence Genovese (Genozziere Productions)
Gave overview of company (Omni Entertainment Group) and showed demo reel and teaser for upcoming film Dead Red
Takeaways –
Omni Entertainment Group has 300-400 open projects and is broken up into many different subsidiary companies
They do physical production and post production work
Script, story, and characters are more important than special effects
(see The Rope vs. Sucker Punch)

Eric Maira and Patrick Montanaro (Werewolf House Productions)
Screened edited version of recent shoot footage for The Dead Deads
Takeaways –
They are serious about making films here
Trying to do “different” types of productions because they feel low budget doesn’t look right as a feature film

End of Meeting: