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Thanks to all who participated in the 2014 RMM Auditions.

For directors and producers, click below to view video reels from the event. There are approximately 50 auditioners total.





Access to these files is free to paid “voting members” of Rochester Movie Makers. Just request the password at info AT rochestermoviemakers DOT org .

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See the details from the 2014 event
2014 Rochester Movie Makers Open Auditions

What: Filmed open auditions for Summer Short Film Productions
When: Saturday, May 3, 2014, 9:30am to 2:00pm
Where: Wilhelmina Rochester, 235 Alexander Street, Rochester, NY

Rochester Movie Makers members will be shooting several short- and feature-length films this spring and summer.  To assist in casting these films, RMM is working with Wilhelmina Rochester to host open actor auditions for these filmmakers on Saturday, May 3, 2014 from 9:30am to 2:00pm at their offices on Alexander Street in Rochester.

Wilhelmina Rochester is the area’s premiere talent agency, and was established with the goal of providing a professional management resource for both experienced and new talent. Principle offices are located in Rochester, New York with market presences in Albany, Buffalo and Syracuse.  For more information on Wilhelmina Rochester, including Wilhelmina Evolve Studios, the agency’s full service, on-site training division, visit

Those auditioning will also have the opportunity to meet with experienced Wilhelmina Evolve Studios instructors and RMM Board Members to have their audition evaluated.

At the open auditions, script sides will be available for every age group and gender, but prepared monologues will also be accepted.  Watch this space for AUDITION SIDES to download and prepare with.




Each film project is an independent production being shot locally between May and August.  Auditions will be videotaped and made available to the filmmakers.  Most projects are made with low and very-low budgets, so actors are typically paid in food and experience only.  For more information on RMM Summer Shorts, visit

Important Documents:

Sides for auditioning actors

“Inbox” by Kenneth T. Rhodes — Characters and Descriptions

  • Tyler – Lead Actor, (multiple scenes) Male, mid 30s, tall, slight out of shape.  Always seeks approval due to a heightened sense of self entitlement.  Good sense of humor but can take things the wrong way or over-react.
  • Scott – Main Supporting Actor, (multiple scenes)  Male, Late 20s to early 30’s – tall, thin, longer hair, very casual.  Laid back persona with an attitude of “let life do what it’s going to do”.  A drug dealer with a great sense of humor and always joking.  He loves violent video games and imagines himself being a gangster.  He is Tyler’s best friend.
  • Dave –  Supporting Actor, (2 scenes) Male, mid 50’s, in great shape, salt and pepper hair, sharp dresser.  He is a no non-sense man with an eye for the ladies.  He tells it like it is when he needs to.  He is Tyler’s boss.
  • Theresa – Supporting Actress, (2 scenes) Female, mid 20’s, red hair, in great shape.  She is the perfect player in the game of using the body to get ahead in business.  She is Tyler’s co-worker.
  • Barbara – Supporting Actress, (1 scene)  Female, mid 20’s to mid 30’s , slightly overweight.  She is a down to earth character who is the waitress for the diner that Tyler and Scott visit.
  • News Anchor – Supporting Actress, (1 scene) Female, mid 30s, very poised in reading and presentation.
  • John Grillo – Supporting Actor, (1 scene) Male, mid 40’s, slightly overweight, some gray hair.   John is the local television weatherman.

“A Day at the Beach” by Wayne Coughlin — characters and descriptions

  • Joan (30’s) just received news she has Stage 4 cancer
  • Hattie (70’s) old woman Joan meets on the beach

“Mischief Night” by  Wayne Coughlin — characters and descriptions

  • MASON “THE MIDNIGHT MARAUDER” DARBY – Fifties or sixties. Aging shock Jock radio host.  Used to be in a bigger market, and bitter about it.
  • CARRIE NICHOLS – Mid twenties. Technical producer of Mason’s radio show. Willing to put up with a lot of crap to make a career for herself.
  • HUGH JAENUS – Fifties or sixties. The Station Manager at WRRR. A hard man who fought for all he has achieved.
  • DOCTOR MOIRA WARREN -.Late thirties.  Professional skeptic.
  • TOMMY CHEYANNE – Mid twenties. Hosts the cable television show, “Ghost Chasers”
  • OMAR PHILLIPS – Forties. A psychic/ medium. Probably a fake.
  • DOCTOR TERROR – Fifties or sixties.Used to host a midnight horror movie show. Still wears the make-up.
  • CASSANDRA DARK – Early thirties. Wiccan. Hippie spiritual vibe.

“The Elevator Pitch” by Curt Markham – characters and description

  • PRODUCER – (already cast)
  • INGENUE WRITER – Any age, any ethnicity, male or female (slight preference for female). Character must go from shy to over-the-top-fanatical.