72 Hour Mind 2 Movie Challenge

Rochester Movie Makers presents The 72 Hour Mind 2 Movie Challenge

The 2016 RMM 72 Hour Mind2Movie Challenge

Thanks to all our teams for participating in the challenge, which took place from May 19-22, and then attended our screening on Tuesday, May 31.

Each team was given the same three elements to incorporate:

  • Prop: a clock
  • Character: Bruce or Bryce Lemon who has a secret
  • Line: “This has never happened before”



“Another Chance”

Produced and directed by Dave Evers. With Patrick McCabe, Andrea Sillick, and Boris Sapozhnikov.


“Sold On Time”

Created and Written by Team “Phoenicks.” Produced by Ken Rhodes, Directed by Scott Fitzgerald, Cinematography by Jason Berardi, Editing and SFX by Codey Dingfield, Sound by Steve Miller, Additional Production Assitants Ty Dibble, Liz Lehmann, Susan Aser, Tyler Aser. Starring: Ken Rhodes, Danielle Smith, Susan Aser, Tyler Aser, Ty Dibble, Jordan Smith, Steve Miller and Jim Toepper.

Sponsored by:











Here’s how it works

Get your team together and register online. Then, on Thursday, May 19, 2016, you will be assigned your random elements that need to be in your finished short film. You have until Sunday night to finish and compete for cash prizes of $300 (1st place) and $100 (2nd place).

Looking for teammates? Post in our Facebook group, or on our Facebook M2M Event Page

Slots are still open! Here’s a complete breakdown of the prizes and sponsors:

  • 1st Place: $300 cash, $200 tour from Black Button Distilling, Oversized check. Promotion by RMM and the RFLFVO
  • 2nd Place: $100 cash, tour from Black Button Distilling.
  • Best Directing score: All film pass to 2016 High Falls Film Fest.
  • Best Cinematography score: $200 credit to Gearhead Rentals
  • Best Acting score: Sponsor from Rogue Actor Training
  • Best Editing score: $100 cash from RCTV
  • Best Writing score: Sponsor from Faith Street Films.
  • Best Sound score: Sponsor from RMM

Judges for 2016

  • Nicholas DiBella (Cherry Crush, King’s Faith, Wildflower)
  • Matthew Ehlers (Smoking Laws, Lunch, Bowie Goes To Jail)
  • Greg Lamberson (Slime City Massacre, Dry Bones, Killer Rack)
  • John Vincent (Hero of the Underworld, Mind Rip)


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